Melt flows from the outside to the inside of a rotating filter screen with millions of conical holes. The contaminants contained in the melt remain on the filter surface; they are removed from the screen by a scraper at the latest after one rotation, then discharged from the process directly by means of the exit screw. In other words, an absolutely clean filtration surface is available again after each rotation of the screen. The geometry of the exit screw permits rapid discharge of large quantities of contaminants. It is therefore suitable for materials containing up to 18% contaminants.

The filter is driven by energy efficient servo motors, which enable extremely precise control of the filter shaft and exit screw. One unique advantage of the ERF melt filter is that the speed of the filter and speed of the exit screw can be separately adjusted, so that melt loss is reduced to a minimum.


  • Fully automatic, continuous operation
  • Up to 18% contaminants removed
  • Extremely low melt losses
  • More reliable processing due to constant pressure at the filter outlet
  • No need to replace the screen for several weeks, or possibly months, depending on the material and the application
  • Completely closed system with no entrapped air
  • Short contaminant residence times in the filter
  • Very simple replacement of the scraper from outside using a hydraulic cylinder
  • Elastomers (rubber, silicone) are efficiently filtered and discharged before they have a chance to be forced through the filter screen



Technical Data