Ettlinger injection molding machines offer several crucial advantages compared to conventional models: their unique technical concept unites high shot volumes and short cycle times with much lower clamping forces. They thus ensure consistently high productivity. Since these injection molding machines are equipped with relatively small but highly efficient drives, they consume up to 60% less energy than similar machines from competitors.

Thanks to the two-stage injection unit with separate plastication and injection steps, Ettlinger injection molding machines are capable of processing not only virgin but also recycled material or mixed plastics exceptionally efficiently. As twin-platen machines, they also have a large opening space with no tie bars, providing optimal accessibility from the side for removing moldings or changing the mold. They are also up to 40% shorter than conventional models, which is why their footprint is significantly smaller.

Ettlinger injection molding machines are particularly suitable for the production of plastic moldings with high shot weights of 130 kilograms or more such as pallets, fittings or manholes.